I knew I shouldn’t have built that snowman

You may remember a post I wrote a month or so ago about my first time EVER building a snowman. You read that right, I’ve lived in Utah for seven years of my life but had never made a snowman until this year. There were a lot of factors at play in my managing to never have that experience for so long, but at a certain point the effort not to build one became deliberate. That was when I realized that when I played the game “never have I ever”, I could get everyone else out by saying that I had never built a snowman. (You see, it’s a game where you get other people out by saying things that you have never done that other people have probably done).  Continue reading

When you feel like you’ve found your people

Tonight was New Beginnings. If you’re not Mormon, you have no idea what that is, but when the girls in our church turn 12, they go from Primary (with all the kids), to Young Women (with all the almost grown-ups). It’s a big deal. New Beginnings happens once a year to highlight and welcome all of the girls that will turn 12 that year, and if you missed it the other day, the 12 year olds is the class of girls that I am now serving overContinue reading

When the toddler is grumpy because he needs to grow

I remember back when Peter was a baby, and oo boy, what a fussy one he was. As he started getting closer to the crawling, I would often get lighthearted comments from other parents about whether or not I was ready for trouble, and it made me a little nervous about the inevitable mobility. Peter was a little extra cranky for a while as he was gearing up to crawl, and then he finally figured it out, and I was amazed at how much easier things felt, simply because he was so much happier with his newfound ability. That trend continued with each new ability that he figured out- standing, cruising, walking, talking.  Continue reading