Keeping my cup full

Every other Monday I meet with my coach and today was one of those Mondays. Today we spent some time talking about how to keep my cup full. We’ve talked a lot about skills to help me avoid getting upset as frequently, or how to be less frustrated by the inherent challenges of child rearing, and how to keep the kids’ cups full so that they are happier, but we haven’t spent a great deal of time up to this point talking about how to improve my “starting point”. If I don’t have anything to “give”, even giving small amounts becomes draining. I would like to increase the capacity of my cup.  Continue reading

Everything is fine until Mom walks in

It’s 7:26 pm as I sit down to write tonight. I just put both of the kids down and they are quiet and probably asleep already. Marty is currently asleep in the middle of the living room floor. He did so good today, I think he only slept for a few minutes at church, but I was mean and kept tickling him every time he tried to fall asleep at home this afternoon. He was a good sport about it at least. Continue reading

Family reunion fun

Today the kids and I went to a family reunion for my aunt’s family, and she invited me along as well. I was happy to be invited because of her kids are several years older than me, and grew up here in Utah while I was in California, so I never got to know any of them very well. I’ve just started getting to know them better as I’ve settled here in Utah now.

I was so glad that we went, I had a great time, and the kids had fun too. Continue reading

Fiercely loyal

Marty had a pretty terrible day today at work. It was one of those everything that could go wrong, did, kind of days. He called me around 5:00 pm to give me an update, and you could hear just how bad of a mood he was in. He was calling primarily to let me know that he was going to have to work tomorrow, when he hadn’t been planning to. Continue reading