Prepping for our travels this weekend

Tomorrow we are flying to California for a couple of days to visit my family. I debated a little while back about whether to fly or drive, and flying won. I am always amazed at how much work it is to pack for just a few days when you have kids. I thought it was hard when I was single! It may be that both scenarios are hard because I am such an over packer. I hate thinking that I might not be prepared for something that might come up. 

Maybe if we travelled more I would get better at packing light. I’ve already gotten better since we first had Peter, but I’m sure that I could cut back more. We really only travel to visit my family in California, and that’s been happening about twice a year. Not quite often enough to get really good at it. Or maybe it is plenty and I’m just not trying hard enough. 🙂

All day I’ve been scurrying around to try and get everything squared away. I did a couple of loads of laundry today (because we only have so many outfits for the kids), tried to use up any food in the fridge that might go bad, and cleaned up around the house so that nothing is sitting around while we are gone. I love coming home to a clean house. Oo, and my other favorite thing to do, is wash all of our laundry before we come home (we can always do this because we’re at my parents house). It is so awesome not to have to come home and then do a bunch of laundry.

I’m admittedly worried about the flight tomorrow. It will be right when Carolyn usually takes her first nap, and I can pretty much guarantee that she won’t fall asleep on this flight. We’ve got some Sesame Street loaded onto our iPad, I remember that saving me the last time we went to visit and she was SO upset and nothing I was trying was working. Sometimes you just need something to turn their brains off, and that was Sesame Street. Ha.

We are going to try and go to the beach and to Sea World while we are there, I think Peter is going to love, love, love the beach. He has been playing outside a ton lately, mostly with cups of water. I’ll fill up a couple of cup/pitcher things and he’ll dump water back and forth forever. He gets up in the morning, eats about three bites of breakfast, and then wants to go outside. Just in the last month or so we have been letting him play outside without us having to be there too. He’s been really good with it, and I have to admit that it’s been really nice to send him outside sometimes.

I stole an idea from a friend of mine who makes popsicles out of green smoothies, and then sends her kids outside to eat them. She gets some peace and quiet, and they get [what they don’t realize is] a healthy treat. I don’t know why freezing something makes it so much more tantalizing. It works perfectly on Peter too. He loves those popsicles.

Alright. I’m going to go finish packing. I think I’m about 90% there, which probably means I’m only 70% there, so wish me luck!


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