Skin cancer scare: update

Are you ready for the update on my doctor’s appointment today? Have you been biting your nails all day?

The suspense is finally over! Here we go.

I was waiting in the exam room for the doctor, sitting in one of those chairs at the side of the room, not the formal exam chair. The doctor came in, a very nice woman, and took a look at the spot on my forehead. She looked for a second, and then had me come over to the exam chair so that she could get better light on it. She then continued to look, and touch, and furrow her brow.

I showed her the pictures I had of what it looked like six weeks ago, and what it looked like after the freezing. She studied those for a bit, and then pulled out a magnifying lens and looked at it through that.

This was in contrast of course, to my family doctor who literally looked at it for about three seconds, and gave me her “diagnosis”. I appreciated that this doctor wasn’t assigning some simple explanation to my mysterious bump and going on her merry way.

When she was finally done examining it and asking questions, she said that it should probably be biopsied. Then she paused, and gave me a second scenario, telling me that there was “no right answer here”.

Her thoughts were that the spot is either a cancerous spot, or a cyst of some kind.  Doing a biopsy on the spot would definitely leave a scar, and obviously this spot is in a pretty prominent location. What she recommended was trying an injection meant to eliminate a cyst, and then if the spot is not cleared up in two weeks, to go ahead with the biopsy. If it is something cancerous, it’s unlikely to change outcomes to wait the two weeks, and then I won’t end up with an unnecessary scar.

By the end of the appointment, my doctor seemed to have become pretty confident that it is most likely a cyst- one that got traumatized from the freezing process, which is why it got worse after that.

She said that it looks a little like a Basal Cell spot, but that would grow much more slowly than my spot it. Melanomas can grow quickly, but visually my spot would be extremely unusual for a Melanoma. She also said that both kinds typically come from sun damage, and I’m young to have that much damage, and there are no other signs of sun damage on my skin. I have also never had very heavy sun exposure.

I was comfortable to have her go ahead with the injection first, so she did that at the appointment today. She said that they could do the biopsy right away, if it would be stressful for me to wonder for two weeks, but I’m fine to wait and see.

I swear that it already looks a bit better, even though it should take about a week to start reducing.

Here is a comparison between yesterday and today. It’s hard to tell if I got the scale just right between the two pictures, but to me it looks slightly bigger, but less “angry”. It may also look slightly swollen today because it had that fluid injected into it.


I’m excited (and hopeful) for this thing to go away and never come back. 🙂

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