The whole reason that we came

Today was the event that was the whole reason we came on this vacation; my brother’s new daughter was getting blessed. I can’t tell you how sweet it was to hear my big, tall, older brother give this tender blessing to his tiny little girl. He got overwhelmed by his emotions once or twice during the blessing, and every time he did, I did as well. I am grateful to have so many good men in my life.

We had a delicious lunch with all the family here today, I got to see all of my siblings, and that is always a treat to have everyone all together. My dad grilled these steaks that were amaaaaazing. Yum yum yum. I think we’ll come back just for the steaks. Marty and I went on a date night to Black Angus last night and we preferred my dad’s steaks to the ones we had there. Pretty impressive.

Tomorrow is Sea World day, and I think my parents are going to come along! That should be fun. We bought two year passes a year and a half ago, so we go for a couple of hours and that works out really well for how little our kids are. I think Carolyn is going to be really excited about all of the animals there. Her highlight from the beach yesterday was the seagulls. Funny girl.

I’ve had a really nice time this time that we have been here. Sometimes it’s hard to strike the right balance between activities and downtime and I think we struck the right balance this time. We fly home tomorrow afternoon and I’m a little worried about that flight too. Flights are just tough with kids, I guess I should just get over that. 🙂

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