Toy organization FLOP

My house is currently cleaner than I think it’s been since we moved in, and I still have more to do. I feel like every time I clean something new, I notice all these other things that need cleaning that I was blind to before. I’m not sure if I will miss that sweet bliss of ignorance to dust and smudges and mess [spoiler alert: I think I will miss it].

On my list of things to organize for quite a while now has been our toy area. Continue reading

I want some sugar real bad

Not eating sugar today was about a thousand times harder today than it was yesterday. I don’t know why, maybe it was that we went to Costco and I had to walk on by the sample booths that were serving cookies? Maybe it was that I had my usual downtime nap time rather than a busy one and something sweet would have really hit the spot. I have felt so much more hungry than usual all day, even though I feel like I’m eating even more of a visual quantity of food. But apparently a snickers bar and a carrot have a different amount of calories? (heh) My body is over here saying “what the heck? where’s my end of the day calorie dump? I’m starving!”. Continue reading

Day one of the sugar and smartphone fast

Today was day one of my seven day “fast” from sweets and my smartphone. It was a mixed bag of results, but overall I think it was more positive results than negative ones. I felt a bit like an addict going through withdrawals. I kept going to reach for my phone but not having it right near me like usual. I kept having things I wanted to do a quick google search on, or kept wanting to pop onto social media for “just a minute”. Continue reading

A spiritual slump, and a personal challenge

I’ve been feeling lately like I am in some kind of funk. The kind of funk where things aren’t “funky” constantly, every day, but more like I am an engine that keeps jump starting, but puttering out before it ever gets to a cruise. Sometimes I make it a day, sometimes several months, but inevitably I putter out once again. I see it in a few areas of my life right now, but primarily- I see it with my personal spirituality.  Continue reading

An unexpected change of plans

Peter’s favorite movie, by a wide margin, is Finding Nemo. He loves it. We keep it loaded in our van’s DVD player for long drives and he never gets tired of it. We tried switching it with something else recently and he just kept asking for Nemo.

When I saw that they were coming out with Finding Dory, I thought it would be so fun to make a mommy-son date out of it, and take him to see it in the theaters. Continue reading