My month long sugar fast ends tomorrow, here is how I feel about it

Tomorrow is October 1st and I’m excited about it.

You may think I’m excited about that because I love when the grocery budget resets for the month, but no, not this time. This time, I’m excited because that marks the end of my 30+ day sugar fast

I’m sure that the fact that I am really excited about the fast ending means that it didn’t cure me of a love for sugar. That wasn’t really the goal, the goal was to put healthier habits [than binge eating sugar] in place, and I’ve been able to do that this month. Hopefully, I can maintain that. That being said, I still have a little box of chocolates from Switzerland that has been calling my name all month, and it’s about to get some love tomorrow.

When I started this fast, I thought that I might see some physical changes like more energy or less moodiness, but I haven’t noticed anything like that. Maybe the changes have been so subtle that they were too hard to notice, but I still get plenty worn out after a day with the kids, and I’ve still had plenty of grumpy or bad days this month. Maybe you could blame our exception for treats at social gatherings, but I think it’s more likely just life. Leaving out sugar won’t make life stop impacting you.

There are some changes that I have noticed. The biggest one will probably prove to be the most valuable. I used to be able to eat sugar with reckless abandon and never feel like it took a toll on how I felt physically. The last two times that I’ve had treats at a social gathering, I’ve had a serving equitable to what I would normally have, but shortly afterwards, felt rather sick. I think that my sugar tolerance has come way down.

My hope is that this will help me to indulge in only a few bites of sweets here and there, rather than a whole bucket of sugar, and I would be happy with that level of moderation.

Another change is that I lost a few pounds. About three pounds came off in the first week, and my weight just stayed there. That wasn’t a goal, but it’s always a nice side effect. I’m a little glad it wasn’t more than that because then I might be more afraid to pick sugar back up.

As a whole our family eating habits were better than usual, even our normal meals were taken up a couple of notches. Peter has gotten much less picky, which was an amazing side effect, and we’ve all been getting more fruits and veggies, and less of refined or processed foods.

I think the biggest reason that I am glad to have done it, has just been to know that I can. I had felt the need to do it for so long but felt so victim to my sugar eating compulsion that I was never willing to commit to it.

I proved to myself that I can control sugar more than sugar can control me, and that feels so liberating.

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