Some things are more important than blogging

Tonight ended up being a night of “catch-up” between Marty and me. Even though he has been home much more than he was over the bulk of the Spring and Summer, we don’t sit down often enough to really get an in-depth update on one another. Maybe we need to go on more dates. 😉

We did that tonight and it was time well spent, and I think we are on the same page much more so than we were before our talk. It’s interesting how simultaneously separate yet fully intertwined lives we can lead at times.

Since he has not been so busy, we have gotten into the bad habit of going to bed an hour or so later than usual. He’s wanting to fix that, and the adult in me know that’s a good idea, but the teenager in me is always a little resistant. The teenager and the mom in me of course, something about those bedtime hours are so delicious.

Anyway, all of that being said, we talked for so long that I wasn’t left for much time for blogging. I’m going to make this a short one and honor his wishes of an earlier bedtime tonight. #adulting

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