Toy organization success!

*Long relieved sigh*

I am so tired, and so happy. My new toy set up is finally* done!

You may remember my buzz-killing bad luck yesterday, so today I tried to get my organizer exchanged. Marty had helped me to box it back up and load it back into our van last night, so today I took my two kids, and two 12ish year old girls (long story, they happened to be with me), and we headed back over to Costco. 

When we got there, everyone got unloaded out of the van and my gaggle of children and I walked up to the returns desk in search of someone to help us unload it. We found someone, walked back to the car, got it unloaded and made it to the return desk with the big ‘ol heavy organizer.

It was there that the clerk asked for my receipt.

They usually ask for your membership card, because they can just pull up the purchases on your account. I handed her my account card and told her I had purchased it with that and she informed me that their systems were down and they could only take receipt returns right now.

I think I got a little sick to my stomach.

I dug around in my purse and found a receipt from the grocery store this morning, and another from a small errand yesterday, but somehow the Costco receipt was not in there. She said I would have to bring it back another day. You know, that big ‘ol heavy piece of furniture. That I had already hefted one too many times. That’s the one I had to get loaded back up and bring back another day. No big deal.

I had a tiny inner crisis and decided to go ahead and buy another one so that I wouldn’t miss them while they were in stock, and that I could probably fit both pieces into the van to take them  back home. I took my gaggle of children through the store and we loaded up the piece again, checked out, and found some help to load both of the pieces back into the van.

Then we realized that two would not both fit and allow the door to close, we tried four or five arrangements and nothing was working. Crud. Double crud. ARHGhGHG.

Add to this that for some reason Carolyn was having a meltdown and wailing for me while the 12ish year olds tried to appease her with no luck. At least I had extra hands, I needed those today.

Finally as I was getting ready to find a tie down for the trunk door of the van, I thought that maybe, my receipt from the new piece that I had just bought, would work just fine to let me return the one from yesterday!

Angels sang and the clouds parted as I confirmed that YES, I could return the bad one with today’s receipt! I left that hunk of junk at the return desk with return receipt in hand and headed back to the car, once again, this time to calm my upset baby.

Once everyone was reasonably happy, we drove home.

Marty helped me unload it when he got home tonight and then we worked on setting it up. It was a pain, but not the worst thing ever, and admittedly my excitement had waned considerably after all of the hassle of getting this thing. Finally after an hour and a half of assembly and setting up, I have a play area that doesn’t look like a disaster zone! Hip hip hooray!!!

Here are the before and afters for you:





It’s so beautiful!

Just looking at these pictures is regenerating my excitement over this!

*The only thing I have left to do is make little tags for the bins. I want to write the name but also draw a little picture that might help Peter to know what each bin is. We’ll see how organized things stay, they might be too young for the “category of toy” bins. That’s on tomorrow’s agenda. All that’s left on today’s agenda is bedtime.

I’m so happy!

2 thoughts on “Toy organization success!

    • Shelly Cluff says:

      I was so stuck on finding every piece to every set, but there’s one slice of the watermelon on our “cutting food” set that I can’t find and it’s driving me nuts. I literally think I’ve looked in every drawer and crack and crevice in this house. I’m going to tell myself that someone accidentally took it home or something. Bah.

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