The hunt for winter gloves

Apparently my children have grown between last winter and this one, go figure. For some reason, I thought I had all of my winter gear for them set and ready to go, but then we had a nice snowstorm a couple of days ago and I pulled out the snow pants and jackets and boots and hats and oops. No gloves. No gloves that fit anyway. Continue reading

How do I find more joy in motherhood?

There are a lot of days that go by for me when I feel like I am not finding the joy in motherhood that I had hoped and expected that I would find. Do I love my children? Absolutely. Is my heart filled with joy in this labor of their care? Not often. Not as often as I would hope, or believe I should. And I really want to have joy in this work. I want to figure out HOW to find more of those glimpses of joy that I get now. Continue reading

Five non-toy toys that my toddlers love

It snowed today! Lots and lots of snow. I think it’s still going.

Marty surprised me with getting some lighted garland hung up on our front porch (still in progress), and it got me in the Christmas spirit tonight, so I took the kids with me down to our basement storage and pulled out our Christmas decorations. Literally a nativity, and one wreath. We go big around here.  Continue reading

Those final pre-nursery months

If you’re a Mormon with any children older than 12 months, you know what I’m talking about. Those final pre-nursery months when your baby-toddler hybrid is mobile, inquisitive, always tired from missing at nap because of church, and is impossible to keep happy for a full three hours at church- but they’re not old enough for nursery yet.  Continue reading

What I never thought I would love in a husband

I was doing some baking the other day and was reminded of a story from my single days that I thought would be fun to share here.

About a year or so before Marty and I got married, it was getting close to Christmastime, and I decided to make Christmas dessert plates for a bunch of friends in the ward. Most of the plates were for other girls that I was close with, a few were for some of my platonic male friends, but a couple of plates were for some of my male friends who I may have hoped my baking prowess would finally pique their interest past that point of platonic.  Continue reading