A slow and easy day, but a hard year

Today was a slow and lazy day around the house. Yesterday and today Peter has been sick with some stomach issues, maybe related to his fever earlier this week, so we didn’t go anywhere and laid low around the house. I know that I just said a couple of days ago how nice it was to be productive again after our vacation, but we had about three days straight with a lot going on, so a slow and quiet day was nice again.  Continue reading

Dad gets all the glory

I don’t know if this is something that only happens in my house, or if it happens in lots of houses, but whenever Marty is around, I become like chopped liver to the kids. Dad is the wonderful, the fun, the desirable one- and mom is nothing but a stumbling block on the path to him. Never mind the fact that I’m the one who fed them and dressed them and played with them and held them and read to them and talked to them all day long. Never mind that they hung on my legs all day long. Now Dad is home all of the sudden it’s NO MOM YOU STAY OVER THERE I WANT DAD!  Continue reading

Mentally preparing for tomorrow

Well California, it’s been lovely, but our time here has expired and we’re ready to go home. Marty doesn’t always do very well here for more than about three days, and we’ve been here for nine and he’s not even completely miserable. We don’t feel burnt out on visiting, but we are ready to get back to normal life.  Continue reading