Never have I ever built a snowman… until today

Before today, I had never built a snowman.

I have a good-ish reason, I promise. 

Whenever I tell people here in Utah that I have never built a snowman they are generally flabbergast, maybe appalled is an even better word. It was admittedly kind of fun to tell people.

Let me explain how I managed to leave such a hole in my human (and especially, Utahn) existence thus far.

I grew up in California. I think I saw a handful of snow on the side of the road during a road trip once, but never saw real snow until my freshman year at BYU when I was 18, twelve years ago. I made a snow angel that Winter, but somehow managed to omit making a snowman from my snow-capades.

I dropped out of school and moved back to California before the next Winter hit, but moved back to Utah to finish my degree about seven years ago. It’s not like making a snowman was a priority, and I’ve never loved outdoor activities, I never cared to buy snow gear- it just didn’t really happen.

Up through this point, not ever making a snowman had been purely incidental.

After I had been back in Utah, maybe for a year, I was at a single’s ward activity and we ended up playing a game of “never have I ever”. If you’re not familiar, it’s a game where everyone starts with a certain number of fingers up, or a number of playing cards, and everyone takes turns saying something that they have never done. If anyone else has done that thing, they have to put down a finger/lose a playing card. The goal is to be the last person “standing”. Basically you win by coming up with things that you have not done, that everyone will be very likely to have done before.

I’m sure you can see where this is going… 😉

At some point during the game, I said that I had never built a snowman. BOOM. Every other person lost a point.

It was my new secret weapon.

Now not building a snowman became a deliberate decision. It was helping me win anytime I played this game, which was fairly often in the single’s ward scene! Is my competitiveness showing?

Well, Marty and I have been married almost four years now, and never in that whole time have I played never have I ever. And this winter I don’t have any babies, but rather have two children who can both walk and appreciate playing in the snow, so by golly we went outside today and built a snowman.

Marty wasn’t home to give me his Utah-native snow guidance like he has had to on so many other snow-related issues, so apparently I didn’t do it quite “right”. I just packed my snow bit by bit instead of rolling a ball in the snow. (That sounds like it would have been easier…) Incorrect process aside- I have officially built a snowman!

It was a rather small snowman… maybe if I end up playing never have I ever again, I’ll claim it was a snow-toddler.

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