A new calling!

Last Tuesday night I got a call from the ward executive secretary asking if I could come in to meet with the bishop that night. I was pretty excited, but also nervous, because I figured the meeting meant that I would be getting a new calling. I’ve been teaching Relief Society for almost four years in this ward and I really, really love teaching. 

Even though I love teaching Relief Society, four years is a long time and change is exciting, so I was glad they called me with such short notice so that I wouldn’t have to wonder what the meeting was about for days on end.

As I was leaving the house, I asked Marty if he had any guesses.

The preceding Sunday, he and I had subbed in Primary and one of the leaders there made a comment about how great it would be to have us in there every week. Marty guessed that I was going to be called to Primary. Nothing against Primary, but I feel like a total fish out of water with most kids- I’m just barely getting comfortable with toddlers. I steeled myself for the possibility of a calling to Primary, and comforted myself by believing that I was sure to end up loving it.

Then Marty asked what my guess was, and I said “maybe I’ll eat these words later, but I would love to get called to work with the Young Women”.


I’ve been called to serve as the 2nd counselor in the Young Women’s presidency and I am just thrilled. I have wanted to serve in Young Women ever since I was in there myself. I feel like my teen years are so imprinted in my memory that I am excited to have an outlet to put it all to good use. The 2nd counselor is over the Beehives, or the 12-13 year old’s, and a couple of them have been the girls I have used for babysitting, so I know them much better than I know the older girls in the ward.

I am also super excited about the Come Follow Me curriculum for the youth. I don’t know how much, if at all, I’ll be teaching, but I love discussion based classes, and I’m excited to hear the thoughts that come from such young minds.

Maybe I don’t quite know what I’ve gotten myself into, but for the moment, I’m tickled pink about it!

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