When you feel like you’ve found your people

Tonight was New Beginnings. If you’re not Mormon, you have no idea what that is, but when the girls in our church turn 12, they go from Primary (with all the kids), to Young Women (with all the almost grown-ups). It’s a big deal. New Beginnings happens once a year to highlight and welcome all of the girls that will turn 12 that year, and if you missed it the other day, the 12 year olds is the class of girls that I am now serving over

I have to tell you, my heart was swelling tonight with love for these sweet girls. I didn’t earn those loving feelings, I was blessed with them. I’ve barely been in this calling for three weeks but every time one of my Beehives was highlighted I felt a little like a mother hen beaming with pride. What wonderful young women these are.

Not only do I love these girls, but the leaders in Young Women are so FUN! As much as I have truly loved several Relief Society activities, these sisters are so full of energy and laughter and goofiness- and I love it! I feel like parts of me have been asleep for years and now they’re waking up again.

This calling feels like coming home, these are my people.

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