I knew I shouldn’t have built that snowman

You may remember a post I wrote a month or so ago about my first time EVER building a snowman. You read that right, I’ve lived in Utah for seven years of my life but had never made a snowman until this year. There were a lot of factors at play in my managing to never have that experience for so long, but at a certain point the effort not to build one became deliberate. That was when I realized that when I played the game “never have I ever”, I could get everyone else out by saying that I had never built a snowman. (You see, it’s a game where you get other people out by saying things that you have never done that other people have probably done). 

I decided to finally build a snowman because even though I love winning and am embarrassingly competitive, I hadn’t played never have I ever in years since I am now a boring mother and not a single person living the high life (ha).


Today for our Young Women’s activity, we played games. And guess which one we played? That’s right, never have I ever. Doggone it.

It turns out that when you play the game with 12 year olds, it’s pretty difficult to win. Basically the person with the least life experiences wins, so the adults are bound to get beat by the teenagers. I did manage to get everyone else out by saying that I had never gardened! That’s right, thank you California for that one. I think every single person in our ward here gardens, but we haven’t planned on starting one until (probably) this year.

I’m actually having some vague memories about possibly helping once do some gardening at the townhouse where I lived before Marty and I got married, so hopefully that wasn’t a lie. If I’m not sure that I’ve ever gardened I’ll go ahead and count it as a true statement.

Tonight was so much fun, what great and silly girls we have!

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