How to relieve the wintertime stir-crazies

All through the summertime, Peter would go outside onto our back patio to play every day. I remember wondering how I was going to handle the winter, when I wouldn’t have the sanity-saver of him going outside for a while every day. Winter has certainly been tough, but not quite as tough as I had feared- I guess I’ve gotten used to the new normal of being inside all the time.  Continue reading

Our last day in Virginia

Today was our last day here in Virginia. It was a quick trip, only three days, but I think we did a pretty good job of getting as much cousin partying in as we could between all of the kids. We could tell that they were all just a little grumpy today, probably tired and over stimulated from two straight days of playing hard. Continue reading

10 great gift ideas for toddlers

I was working on Christmas shopping for a few of my nieces today and it had me thinking about what advice I would give to someone else if they were wondering which gifts would be good picks for a toddler aged child. I obviously have two toddlers myself, and we have playdates fairly often with other toddlers, and I always like to watch and see which types of toys kids are drawn to so I have ideas for what toys would be best for my own kids.

That being said, here is a list of toys that I think would make great gifts for toddlers, based on my experience and observations. Continue reading

Five non-toy toys that my toddlers love

It snowed today! Lots and lots of snow. I think it’s still going.

Marty surprised me with getting some lighted garland hung up on our front porch (still in progress), and it got me in the Christmas spirit tonight, so I took the kids with me down to our basement storage and pulled out our Christmas decorations. Literally a nativity, and one wreath. We go big around here.  Continue reading