An allergy to food dyes?

By about 9 am this morning I was wishing I could take a vacation day today.

I promise you, I had started off this morning so ready to take on the day, filled with determination to be a patient and wonderful mother. I wasn’t even thinking about Halloween Hangover when I set that determination into place. I should have doubled my determination.  Continue reading

90 percent of the time, I do well as a mom

I’m getting back to your regularly scheduled programming here today. Even I am sick of me posting about politics.

…At least for a day or two anyway.

The past couple of days have felt like “reset” days around here. If you missed it, we went to Idaho this past weekend for some family time, and there was much-less-than-needed sleep had by all. When we drove home through the night with hopes of the kids sleeping the whole time, it worked for the first two hours, but not for the last three. That was rough.  Continue reading

A stark contrast of light and darkness

This morning the kids woke up and there was no diarrhea! But. There was vomit in Carolyn’s bed, and she had a 102°F fever, just like Peter did on Monday. It looks like this is some kind of contagious virus. Even though she was sick and a bit tired and low energy, Carolyn was otherwise in pretty good spirits.  Peter did really well today, thank goodness, he had a much better appetite and no digestion issues. It looks like he may be over the hump.  Continue reading

A post about poop

That’s a pretty tacky and gross title, but this blog is all about real talk and you can’t be real without talking about poop if you have kids in diapers. Fair warning, this post will be gross, but I want to talk about my day and my day was gross. For that, I apologize, and understand if you want to exit the post here.  Continue reading