One year of blogging

I’ve been trying to think of something amazing to write or do all day, because today marks one year from my very first blog post. As it turns out, that pressure has done nothing but result in some serious writer’s block as I have struggled sitting here at the keyboard for longer than I care to admit.  Continue reading

Holding tight to sweet memories

Today was a much more pleasant day than the last few days have been. I have noticed on days that are especially crummy, I am much more inclined to write a post that is not about my day at all, but rather about something fun and distracting to write about like tall women’s clothing or our backyard landscape plans or budget spreadsheets. Not that I shouldn’t write about things like that, I’ve just noticed that I’m more inclined to pick topics like those on the days that I don’t so much want to talk about my day.  Continue reading

Outtakes: What really went into those pictures on social media

Here on this blog, my goal is to share the realities of life, and in doing so, hopefully reduce some of the glistening perfection that is so easy to craft on social media and in blogs- and can create a false sense of reality for those of us consuming it. While we probably would not be interested in seeing nothing but terrible shots on our friend’s social media pages, it can also be hard to only see the best pictures of everyone else’s lives all day long. Continue reading