Someone put happy juice in my cereal

Today was such a wonderfully pleasant and enjoyable day! I can’t confidently plop down in front of the keyboard to declare that very often. I don’t think there was any particular reason, maybe my children were cuter today, or maybe someone slipped some happy juice into my cereal this morning (whoever you are and whatever happy juice is, more please ;)).   Continue reading

You gotta get out all the grumpy bubbles

Do you ever have days where you can tell that you’re in a foul mood but you’re not sure why, and you can’t seem to find the will to pull yourself out of it?

Almost first thing this morning, I noticed that I was being short with the kids. They of course responded with increasing levels of whining and crying, naturally, because their mother was being a big booger face. That could make anyone whine and cry. And I could see that. I could see so clearly how my grumpiness was making them upset, thereby provoking my grumpiness even further, and continuing the cycle of household misery. I could see it, but I just couldn’t find the will to override the grumpy.  Continue reading

Exercise and injury updates

I’m getting to the blog a little later than I usually do, so tonight is going to be a short one. I thought I would give an update on exercise since I hurt myself running. I went to my magic chiropractor twice, and he worked on my ankle and knees with some kind of laser machine. It’s supposed to increase blood flow and oxygen to the area to reduce pain and increase healing, or something like that. Magic lasers.

That last appointment was a week ago and I haven’t been bothered by pain for a couple of days now. I’ve still been sticking to non or low impact workouts while things have been healing, so week I have either swam or biked, cycled? Is there a particular name for it when you ride the bike thing at the gym? Tomorrow I’m going to do the elliptical, and I’m hoping that tomorrow or on Saturday I can make it to a running store nearby and get fitted for shoes that will keep my feet from pronating. Marty is planning to have some Peter time this weekend, so I think Carolyn and I will go shoe shopping together. I haven’t wanted to brave taking both kids with me. Once I get my shoes figured out, then I’m going to try running again.

While I have been surprised at how well I have liked swimming, there’s something about running that inherently pushes my body so hard. When I bike or swim I have to very purposefully push myself, but with running, as long as I’m not walking, I’m working hard. Does that make sense? It feels more like doing a canon ball into a cold pool versus easing your body in bit by bit. You get all wet both ways, but one of them you’re not working so hard to force yourself into the discomfort. I’m surprised at how badly I want to run again. Weirdo. I’m a weirdo.

Alright, Shelly out. #micdrop

Running injury update

I mentioned the other day about my injury from running, you know, the one that happened a whole three days into starting a sloooow running program (this made me feel so incredibly old and creaky, by the way). My knees were in a lot of pain while I was running, with some very slight ankle pain. Since the initial injury, my ankle has actually become the primary discomfort, but my knees are still bugging me plenty. I had switched gears to swimming and cycling instead, and while nothing would hurt while I was doing those, it seemed like my pains weren’t resolving at all so I have taken the last several days off as a precaution.

This morning I went to see our chiropractor, Jake Luce, who is seriously amazing (he also happens to specialize in sports injuries). I’ve loved him ever since I went to him after Peter was born. I had been having this crazy knee pain for months, and after seeing a different chiropractor several times with no relief, I switched to this guy, and in one visit he found the issue, adjusted me, and gave me the right stretch to do to alleviate it. My pain was gone in one week. Take my money, just take it!

Any who, if anyone could fix me, Jake could. This morning he told me that I have some tendonitis, that was caused in large part because I went from zero workouts to lots of workouts, and that my feet are over pronating while I run. He’s going to work on me one or two more times and told me to get running shoes that will prevent that over pronation, and stick to low or non impact things like swimming and cycling until it resolves. All of that should keep me from having those pains again. Fingers crossed.

Long story short, I shouldn’t be in pain for the rest of my life! And, swimming and cycling should be fine so I can keep those morning workouts! That and I get to go shoe shopping for special running shoes. I’ll take it!