If my generation is choice, than my children’s must be even greater

A few weeks ago I went to a ladies night that one of my neighbors hosted. At the tail end of the night, the party had tapered down to only four of us who stayed up way past our bedtimes chatting like old biddies. All four of us there were mothers, with children ranging from babies to adults, and at one point I commented about how strong willed and stubborn I can already tell that my children are.  Continue reading

Holding tight to sweet memories

Today was a much more pleasant day than the last few days have been. I have noticed on days that are especially crummy, I am much more inclined to write a post that is not about my day at all, but rather about something fun and distracting to write about like tall women’s clothing or our backyard landscape plans or budget spreadsheets. Not that I shouldn’t write about things like that, I’ve just noticed that I’m more inclined to pick topics like those on the days that I don’t so much want to talk about my day.  Continue reading

Our last day in Virginia

Today was our last day here in Virginia. It was a quick trip, only three days, but I think we did a pretty good job of getting as much cousin partying in as we could between all of the kids. We could tell that they were all just a little grumpy today, probably tired and over stimulated from two straight days of playing hard. Continue reading