I’m not cut out for “trendy” right now

I’m writing this post a little earlier than usual because I’m going to a Relief Society activity tonight, and I don’t want to rush home to write my blog. I’m not usually excited about Relief Society activities, but tonight is called the “Conversation Cafe”. It’s basically food and chit chat. I can do food and chit chat like nobody’s business.  Continue reading

My approach to buying kids’ clothes, and a mini haul!

For a while, earlier this year, Marty was coming home at 3:00 pm every Friday so that we could have some family time. It was so nice to have a consistent time to be together, but when his busyness at work got out of hand, we had to stop. While we have seen him much more in the last couple of months, today was the first Friday that we reinstated that set family time.

Today was also one of the first really chilly (and wet) days of Fall. As in, I broke out my boots for the first time since Summer and wasn’t even overheated. Neither of the kids have had huge growth spurts since back in February or so when it was still cold, but they had still each grown out of several key pieces of cold weather clothing. For our family time today, since we were stuck inside anyway because of the rain, we all went to a kid’s resale store to try and find some good clothes.  Continue reading

Major toddler haircut

A few months ago, I kept thinking that Peter was due for a haircut, big time. Things were starting to look a little shaggy and were getting harder to manage, but cutting his hair kept getting pushed off of my priority list every day. Pretty soon my mother in law started commenting on how CUTE his hair was looking, so I left it a little longer. Then at friends’ houses or at church, we started getting comments all the time about how cute his hair was looking.  Continue reading

Chopped off eight(ish) inches

When you’re vacationing somewhere for only a few days, you want to be sure and fit in all of the best things that city has to offer. One of those things for me, is my favorite hair stylist ever, Melinda Walker. I have hair that is really thick and pretty straight, so it easily looked “chopped”, but it never looks chopped when Melinda does it. I have had several hair stylists over the years and she is still my all time favorite.  Continue reading