Backyard landscape update!

Between the snow and the traveling to California and Virginia, not a ton has happened on our landscape since we finalized a bunch of plants at the end of November. Well, not much actual movement, but it’s been a lot of research and discussions on what all exactly we want to do, and where we want to place everything, and with every decision seems to come ten more little decisions, so it’s been a lengthy process.  Continue reading

There’s nothing like an afternoon away to make your kids seem cuter

Today was a day of decisions! Husband and wife decisions, and excursions!

Little by little, Marty and I have been solidifying the plans for our new landscape. We have figured out what we are doing for a swing set, and a playhouse/playground area, for a trampoline, and how we want our new patio area laid out. Oh, and he’s been figuring out how he wants to set up the splash pad. And we’ve been deciding if we want a pergola or a pavilion, and where to put the fire pit. Continue reading

Demolition begins!

Today we went to a family get together on Marty’s side, and it was so much fun to see everyone and for the cousins to have each other to play with. Our kids had to miss their naps in order to be there, but they were so happy to get to play all afternoon. The kids were happy to play, and I was happy to chat with Marty’s brothers and their wives.   Continue reading