Organizing is my therapy

My parents are here! Hip hip hooray! That means that I made it all the way to bedtime with the kids and wasn’t exhausted or irritated or frazzled. It’s probably not good news for me that that is such an accomplishment.

This morning I was tidying my laundry room area because my parents coming over was a good reason to do some extra organizing, and the area was especially messy because a bunch of things of Marty’s had migrated onto my counters and into my cabinets there. Continue reading

Our favorite baby and toddler books

When I reorganized our toy area a couple of weeks ago, our books went from being messily stacked in a box to being nicely accessibly on a bookshelf. The new organizer has had all kinds of positive effects, from the kids playing with the toys more to my living room looking about a thousand times more presentable, but the biggest change has been how much more the kids bring me books to read. Continue reading

My approach to buying kids’ clothes, and a mini haul!

For a while, earlier this year, Marty was coming home at 3:00 pm every Friday so that we could have some family time. It was so nice to have a consistent time to be together, but when his busyness at work got out of hand, we had to stop. While we have seen him much more in the last couple of months, today was the first Friday that we reinstated that set family time.

Today was also one of the first really chilly (and wet) days of Fall. As in, I broke out my boots for the first time since Summer and wasn’t even overheated. Neither of the kids have had huge growth spurts since back in February or so when it was still cold, but they had still each grown out of several key pieces of cold weather clothing. For our family time today, since we were stuck inside anyway because of the rain, we all went to a kid’s resale store to try and find some good clothes.  Continue reading