When you feel like you’ve found your people

Tonight was New Beginnings. If you’re not Mormon, you have no idea what that is, but when the girls in our church turn 12, they go from Primary (with all the kids), to Young Women (with all the almost grown-ups). It’s a big deal. New Beginnings happens once a year to highlight and welcome all of the girls that will turn 12 that year, and if you missed it the other day, the 12 year olds is the class of girls that I am now serving overContinue reading

A new calling!

Last Tuesday night I got a call from the ward executive secretary asking if I could come in to meet with the bishop that night. I was pretty excited, but also nervous, because I figured the meeting meant that I would be getting a new calling. I’ve been teaching Relief Society for almost four years in this ward and I really, really love teaching.  Continue reading

I can do all things through Christ, but shouldn’t run faster than I have strength?

Today I got to go to the temple, thanks to a wonderful neighbor who suggested a regular temple-babysitting-trade arrangement. I arrived just after a session had started, so I ended up getting to sit and study the scriptures for quite a while before the next session started. During my study I stumbled across the scripture that counsels saints to “see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength”.  Continue reading

I didn’t want to go, but I’m glad I went

Earlier this week I saw an email from our Relief Society about an activity that would be tonight and I remember thinking “that might be fun to go to, I’ll have to coordinate with Marty so that I can go”. Well, I totally forgot about it shortly thereafter, that is until a friend text messaged me and another friend to see if one of us could bring cookies in her place- she was stuck at home with super sick kids.  Continue reading