Excited for a new project

Today has been a little bit nuts. I feel like I have been going going going all day long. This morning I was rushing to get my morning “chores” done (also known as the chores that were left unfinished last night)- I have this new goal lately to have the house all clean, and myself and the kids all dressed, by nine am. It may not sound like a very intense goal, but trust me, it’s a little ambitious. Totally doable, but ambitious for the standard around here.  Continue reading

Carefully crafting my words

A week or so after the election, I came across a blog and Facebook page that someone had created to expand the political bubble that they realized they had been living in. The group is still quite small, and was started by someone in northern California with political leanings very much on the left, and so far, much of the group seems to reflect similar demographics.  Continue reading

What we as a nation can learn from a toddler

I had an interesting epiphany of sorts today.

Early this morning I happened upon an article posted online and the person who posted it was asking for thoughts on it. It was political in nature, and was written by a someone who had spent years developing the types of arguments and conclusions used. The positions and perspectives irked me on some foundational levels, and I wanted to respond with my own perspective, but I felt at a loss to craft a response that would not be easily dismissed or belittled.  Continue reading